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An Analysis of Brand Development I Battle Rap




In the era of digital media and instant gratification it sometimes seems that consistency and quality is a thing of the past. This is especially present in the entertainment industry, the question is, what are some of the things that can help an Artist, Company or Brand, stand out from all of the noise.


Choosing a Specific community to cater to is key, using the battle rap community as an example, the battle rap community is a niche sub group of individuals that exist in the entertainment industry. The Battle rap community on a whole has very distinct differences to the larger and more well know Entertainment industry, which means that there is a niche group of people who exist within the larger community, these individuals all have ideas, and concepts that they need to execute. This includes the need for ways to execute on those ideas. An example of a brand currently doing this is a brand that presents itself as a service provider for the Larger community and the niche sub group. What is a service?


Providing solutions for a community allows you to create opportunities for others, and for yourself. creating things such as digital content and access to platforms to promote that content are key to the success of any brand, keeping in theme with this article, the brand we mentioned earlier Sho-Time TV accomplishes this by providing a promotional platform for the battle rap community in the form of a “battle rap league” this is coupled with digital content in the form of a daily news feed /blog,  typically the articles in the feed cover things like music entertainment news and battle rap news, with topics such as the Death of Bronx Rapper Fred The God Son and  the record breaking music video of the infamous and somewhat unpopular Tekashi 6ix6ine, which leads us to our next step in the development of any brand.



In the battle rap community marketing comes in many forms however they still follow the overall rules of online marketing, such as covering trending topics and the placement of strategic advertisement, these are the main two approaches used by the community. These are definitely successful proven ways of boosting the engagement of any brand in and out of the entertainment industry, however, the added component is information cross pollination, this means that on the sho-time tv website they use information that appeals to the larger more well known community to drive traffic to the niche groups, behaving as a trickle down effect to attract readers viewers and listeners to the other forms of digital content they provide,, this boosts their engagement on their website and their social media which adds to the overall development of the brand, but what is Branding?


Every brand needs more than just a name, a brand needs an Identity. An identify can be created in various ways, through imagery, sounds, logos, ect. However the true key to branding anything is consistency, the Sho-time Brand has several divisions covering things such as music production, Marketing and PR, Artist development and more, however the sho-time brand maintains the sho-time name and color scheme across all there divisions. This type of consistency coupled with consistent quality is what makes a memorable brand identity  

 About Sho-time TV

Sho-time TV is one of thousands of brands in the battle rap community that exist as an entity behind the scenes of the culture, especially when it comes to battle rap, In our community every individual has an impact on how the culture changes and develops, quite a few of those people and platforms get public notoriety on a daily basis, Alternatively other people have put in great amounts of  time money and energy into making things happen behind the scenes with little notoriety, one of those people is Karin sho-time Thornton, Karin has used his passion for film and music and developed it into a business, a platform and most importantly a brand. His Brand Show-Time TV is one of many brands that exists in this continuously growing community. We look forward to the development of more brands in the future.

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