Alec Friedman


Richard is one of my closest collaborators when it comes to the digital branding, administration of my website, and promotional campaigns. He not only built my website from scratch, but continued to over the course of years now stay in touch and make updates to the pages as the brand continued to evolve. He also is a resource and sounding board for bouncing ideas off of and provides useful feedback. As someone who is an ultimate builder, Richard is a partner I would fully recommend working with.


Jason Malone


Rich is an innovator, with a sense for subtle nuance, and still able to get the big picture. As a designer myself my standards are very high and Rich not only meets but exceeds them whenever we work together. Very Hands-On. Researches the history of a thing before he starts on it. Is always looking to take things into the future. Make the right choice. Work with Rich Pierre


Dawn Orlando

Funkadelic Studios

When the pandemic shut down the world and the music scene along with it, I knew my music studio would need to find a way to become accessible through live streaming. The only problem was, I didn’t know the logistics. I was so grateful to be able to call on my dear friend, Roz, who had the knowledge and expertise to make it all happen. This was not the first time that I’d sought his counsel to help me bounce ideas off of, but it was just one of many examples of how truly versatile, skilled, and gifted Roz is. He has demonstrated his strengths time and time again as a strategic planner, project manager, marketerter and researcher. Roz is a true asset and I am so grateful to be able to call on him.”


John Rubino

Purple Panda Rentals

Having Rich as a mentor via the CSI Tech incubator has helped tremendously in my entrepreneurship. During our scheduled calls, Rich went above and beyond talking with me for hours, providing thought-provoking insight on start-ups and equipping me with the best path towards my product-market fit. As a creative, Rich helped redesign our logo as well as guide our branding. Rich's vast knowledge as an innovative and creative entrepreneur enables him to be a great asset. An asset that every entrepreneur should look to have on their side. Being a new tech start-up, I now feel more confident and adept knowing that I have Rich's input for any questions or concerns I may have. I look forward to working with Rich again in the future.


Melissa Powell


Rich Pierre has been a great mentor. What makes him a cut above the rest is his understanding of the start up founder's relationship building vs time management dilemma. He has gone out of his way to reach out when he hasn't heard from me and has been a good source of resources and ideas that are specific to our startup's needs. Our appreciation for him and his time cannot be expressed in words.


Jay Jay Colon

Creating Monsters inc

Rich Pierre always been a go to guy for Business advice , Business Logos, Websites, and so on … He’s very professional in everything he works on , from getting things done , to always being on time … He has done a lot for me and my business. Great to work with , very talented, and very patient .. I will always put my reputation on the line when recommending him to anybody that needs anything business done … Grind and Success ! “God bless”


Janessa Jones

JFJ Financier

When it comes to business consulting, web design, and digital marketing, Richard will help you make it happen. He was not only easy to work with, but his communication was also excellent. He met every deadline, and also offered sound suggestions that added to the quality of every part of my business. Richard completely changed the direction of my busines. He re-focused my attention to our ideal clients, and helped me figure out several lucrative marking channels. Richard has been a great business advisor and I look forward to learning more!


Johnathan Heard

Fight Your Demons

Honestly Richard Pierre is one of the most calculated and thought provoking people I know. I had a great business plan when putting an event together once, or so I thought it was great until I ran it passed Rich. He literally gave input that increased the events revenue value by 37%. And lowered the cost acquisition. From then he became something of a professional advisor. He’s a master executioner, reliable and intentionally succeeds. His mark that will be left on this earth with be imprinted forever. Any company would have an advantage on all other competitors having Richard Pierre on their team.


Tracy L Gray

The Sankofa Global Project

Rich Pierre is a creative and insightful entrepreneur. He collaborated with our team at the Sankofa Global Project to redesign our logo. Rich Pierre served as an advisor to our organization as we hosted Brooklyn Elected Officials who were a part of the MIT Mel King Fellows at Collab Fabrication Lab & Innovation Studio. Rich Pierre conducted critical research and led workshops for the Sankofa Global Project’s “Build Your Own Wakanda Hack-A-Thon” that led to students designing future cities. Rich Pierre’s technical expertise for Greystar Real Estate Company’s inaugural 2021 Black History Month Keynote Address provided program reach for over 3,000 people globally!Rich Pierre is a quintessential professional who builds partnerships that serve the greater good. I highly recommend Rich Pierre as a business strategist, technical analyst, market researcher, content creator and community partner!


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