Startup Mentor, Venture Associate, Technical Consultant

Business Process analyst

Processes Mapping

Finding areas in business where performance or processes can be improved,

Data analysis

Gathering and analyzing data, and creating reports based on data collected.

Modelling / Process Design

Documenting the process hierarchy by depicting the system from the top down,

Data interpretation

Translating complex data and business metrics for relevant stakeholders.

Process Scoping

Identifying the equipment, methods, and personnel needed for effective processes.

Strategic planning

Researching best practices and technology that can streamline processes

Director of Partnerships

Relationship Management

Building rapport and trust with strategic partners while identifying synergies between both parties

Strategic planning

Developing and implementing strategic plans that align with partner goals and objectives

Funnel design

Identifying effective acquisition channels to help capture strategic partners.

KPI Management

Evaluating the performance of existing partnerships to identify opportunities for improvement

Market Research

Monitoring market trends and competitor activities in order to identify potential opportunities.

Corporate liaison

Communicating with partner companies on behalf of the organization

Venture Associate

Deal Sourcing

Identifying and curating companies that have traction and the ability to scale in a specified market.

Due Diligence

business analysis, industry thesis, competitive landscape, business/pricing model, and financial modeling

Market Research

Compiling and analyzing information on products and market conditions to identify existing or emerging markets